Who’s Up for Another Trip to Q Island?

For everyone who enjoyed my post apocalyptic novel Q Island, there’s more where that came from. Return to Q Island is out on Amazon. This is a stand-alone story set in the same world as Q Island.

The manuscript has been on an odyssey. It was originally ready to roll as a follow-up to Q Island, but the publisher went out of business. Other publishers expressed an interest, but only with the rights to Q Island as well. I liked having control of that work and already was preparing for an audio book release. I’d has Scott Carpenter make RTQI a killer cover for an ultimately unsuccessful Kindle Scout run, and the book had been edited. So what better setup for a self-publish experiment? And so now we’re off. We’ll see how it goes.

What’s the story?

Millions long to break out of quarantine. But Patrick needs to break in.

The paleovirus has swept Long Island, turning residents into psychotic killers. A government quarantine traps Patrick in Connecticut, separated from his mother and pregnant sister on what all now call Q Island. When he loses contact with them, he fears the worst. His only chance to get back and help them is to infiltrate the island as a guide for an illegal safari hunting the infected. But he arrives to find he’s more slave than guide, and the infected are fiercer than ever.

His sister Kim gives birth to Charlotte in the midst of post-apocalyptic Long Island, and begins an instant struggle to survive amidst attacks by the infected and betrayal by family and friends. Kim’s love for her daughter gives her the strength to fight on, but if her brother doesn’t arrive soon, she won’t keep beating the odds.

It’s soon clear there’s something special about Charlotte, and others born under the contagion’s dark cloud. But will children like her prove to be the salvation the islanders pray for, or the last pieces in the puzzle of infected domination?

Give it a try in paperback, Kindle, or on Kindle Unlimited at Amazon. Let me know what you think.

Spoiler alert: This one is dark.