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Thumbs Up from the Horror Fiction Review

DARK INSPIRATION has a nice write-up at The Horror Fiction Review. 

This is a complex and truly beautiful haunting-story. It takes the usual elements – small town, scandals, dark history, new couple moving in – and combines them in unusual ways with fresh, refreshing writing. DARK INSPIRATION provides solid writing, good characters, and a very satisfying read. Thumbs up!

-Christine Morgan at The Horror Fiction Review

Another Top Review for Dark Inspiration

The Horror Fiction Review praises Dark Inspiration here:

Horror Fiction Review Link

It’s a beautiful home, a 1920’s dream house where the owner once raised thoroughbred horses.  Galaxy Farm is ten rolling acres of Tennessee countryside with a huge matching barn and a lovely pond.  The bank has repossessed it and is ready to sell.

Doug and Laura Locke move in.  The fleeing New Yorkers want to leave behind her teaching job at a violent elementary school and his position writing for a sleazy tabloid.  They need a fresh start to reignite their careers and shore up their flagging marriage.

They discover their new home has many secrets, from the twin girl spirits Laura meets in the old nursery to the attic of abandoned taxidermy Doug discovers.   Doug finds inspiration to write an epic novel and Laura renews her love of teaching.  They also rediscover the fire that first drew them together.

But dark forces are afoot.  There’s a graveyard hidden at the property’s edge and tragic deaths stalked the previous owners.  Doug becomes entranced by the attic animals.  Laura falls under the spell of the twin spirits. 

Only Theresa Grissom senses the danger.  The local antiques dealer has predictive visions, premonitions of horrible events to come.  Her latest set all have to do with Galaxy Farms, her son’s new teacher, and death.

Theresa must convince Laura of the danger before the dark force in the house can execute its plan.  But time is short, and something seems to be very wrong with Doug…


Available at Samhain Publishing , Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers around the world.