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As soon as my novels became available on Kindle Unlimited, there’s been lots more traffic on the website here, which tends to be behind the times. Writing time keeps getting spent on fiction instead.

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“Sacrifice” Arrives

Sacrifice, my latest paranormal thriller is now available in both e-book and paperback versions.  Goodreads, Amazon and Fresh Fiction reviews are all outstanding.

Thirty years after graduating high school in Sagebrook,New York, five friends come home for a long overdue reunion.  None have had any contact with each other since graduation and the horrible events that transpired when they took on the child-murdering entity they came to call the Woodsman. 

As soon as they arrive, death stalks the six once more.  They band together again, forced to relive the terrifying trials of their past while they battle resurgent dangers in the present. But thirty years have taken a physical and mental toll of them.  Can they overcome their psychic scars and keep the children of Sagebrook safe? What will each of them have to sacrifice to once again keep the Woodsman at bay?

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes and anywhere else that sells paper or ebooks.